Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The New Old Chimney

When we bought our house we were a bit surprised to see that the original chimney was not in use. Instead, a new metal chimney had been installed next to the old chimney. It created a major eyesore as this new chimney came through a hole in the floor on the second story and continued up to the roof. Just bizarre!

Here's what it looked like downstairs. Notice the wheelbarrow. Skip is ready for demolition!

The upstairs view. Love the random metal tube with a hole through the floor.

To  begin, Skip removed the wall behind the fireplace which revealed the original chimney. You can see the opening into the chimney to the right of the metal chimney.

Then Skip removed the whole metal chimney along with the stove. 

This left us with a hole in the floor and the ceiling upstairs which will be dealt with soon!

Skip peeks down through the hole in the roof which was quickly patched as the forcast called for rain.

We then had the chimney repair crew come in and reline the chimney to seal any cracks and to install our new wood burning stove. We can now heat the whole neighborhood!

I wish I could say that it looks perfect now but you will have to tune in for an update once the chimney has been painted! Now we just need to get the chimney certified and we are ready to light the first fire in our new stove.

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