Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Upstairs Destruction-The Itchy Phase

In order to finish the outside roof, Skip needs to plan where the dormer and the upstairs bathroom will go. This means removing the inside walls and ceiling to gain access to the roof from both sides. Skip was not looking forward to this as the walls and the ceiling is insulated with fiberglass. Lots and lots of fiberglass.

The planned area for the bathroom contained a few closets prior to Skip attacking the area.

The walls were very thin and it didn't take much effort to remove the doors and shelves. 

What's behind wall number 2? Lots of fiberglass just packed randomly in the otherwise empty space.

Insulating the ceiling. . .more fiberglass. We can't wait to get all of it out of the house and use synthetic/plastic insulation from here on.

What you're looking at is the area of the new bathroom! Looking good right? A dormer will be added between the rafters to the left in this picture. You need to check back next week for that update!

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  1. I´m uttery impressed by your work, and looking forward to see it in november /Birgitta