Saturday, October 11, 2014

My Dream Stove

The kitchen part of the renovation is near and dear to me (Barbro) as I love to cook and bake. We have been spending a great deal of time trying to figure out how we can get hold of the perfect stove without using the entire budget. It may be obvious by now that both Skip and I are picky about what we want and like and that includes the stove. We want gas burners with an electric oven. Needless to say, most stoves with that combination is markedly overpriced and does not get the best "long term" reviews.

As we are no where ready to start on the kitchen we decided to take a step back and start monitoring blocket-the Swedish equivalent of Craig's list for dual fuel ranges as they are referred to as. It didn't take long until Skip and I, late on a Friday night, saw the ad and we went insane. It was a La Canche, about 7-8 years old (but built to last) with 3 gasburners, 2 electric burners, an electric oven and a warming oven. We called immediately, apologizing for calling so late. Needless to say, Skip and I did not hesitate to drive 552 km (345 miles) one way to pick this stove up as the price was awesome.

It looks like this except we have 2 additional knobs on the right to control the 2 electrical burners.

Here's a close up of ours. 

It is currently stored in our guest house. It needs a little cleaning and a custom built kitchen for it but it is going to be great once we have it in our house!

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