Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Ignoring Traditions and Going Metal

Tile roofs are very common in Sweden and this has led to many discussions with family, friends and neighbors as Skip is sort of. . .well. . .fully against them. I am still not entirely sure why he feels so strongly about it but part of the remodel definitely includes changing the tile roof to a metal roof and I will not stand in the way.

This should look familiar by this time but a lot has changed since this picture was taken. 
We had some help from a newly "imported" American, Josh, to remove the tiles from this side of the house as part of putting up a new roof on the entryway.

A bit of rot was uncovered once the tiles were removed but at least only a small section was affected.

After a little work the affected area was removed and replaced with new boards. Just like a surgical intervention. 

The whole roof was then covered with a waterproof alsphalt-impregnated polyester mat. 

Skip hard at work!

We just have to wait for the chimney guys to come and fix our chimney now so that we can get the other side done and then place the metal roof on top. I have faith that they will come on Thursday as promised but if we have learned something from talking to neighbors and friends it is that Swedish carpenters/plummers/electricians are not always so reliable. Let's just say I hope that I will be doing a post soon about our new fireplace and chimney!

It is also nice that not much goes to waste. The tiles have already been placed on a roof on a new building our neighbor built on his property. 

Pictures of the finished roof will hopefully be seen within the next few weeks! We keep checking the weather forcast and so far we are in for an amazing fall here in Sweden which is helping Skip a lot.

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