Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Creation of the "Mudroom" aka the Cat Apartment/Laundry Room, Part 1

So what do we do with the old front entryway when we have a new way to get into the house? Well, it will still remain an entryway and will be used frequently on muddy, rainy days to contain dirt. We are also planning on building the cats an awesome kitty-condo area as their home base. Lastly, the washer and dryer are being moved from the bathroom into this area.

Prior to Skip attacking the roof of the entryway, this is what the entryway looked like.

The ugly dormer over the entry was definitely on the chopping block and we wanted to match the roof lines of the 2 entryways. 

The cats will have their space to the left and the washer and dryer will be set up in cabinets to the right. We will add a big window where the current clothesrack is found on the wall to the right in the picture. We are also changing the door so that it matches the door on the new entryway.

Skip spent the afteroon and evening removing the roof, uncovering numerous wasp nests in the process. 

Finally, just in time for bed, the roof was gone. At least we have been blessed with nice weather this September and we could leave it "open" for the night. 

That is the pitch black sky as seen through our new "skylight."

The following day I came home to see that great progression had been made. 

Part 2, 3 and perhaps even 4 (and 5) will follow as Skip bounces between the two entryways. Thank you also to Magnus Kumlin who came over in the evening to make sure that all the holes were covered before night arrived again.

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