Thursday, June 19, 2014

Flagpole Felling or Quick and Easy (not really...)

   Tarnished, rusty, dirty, mossy, dented, bent- these words all apply to the Bjorkliden flagpole. Now, thanks to a surprising amount of work, it is once again the regal banner holding staff that anyone would be proud to call their own.

   What was thought of as a quick task to complete on a lazy afternoon (not my thought) soon became a point of contention and a two day project. Dropping a solid steel flagpole that is around 30 ft (10m) tall is no easy task.
   First one must rig a rope high up on the pole in order to have enough leverage to lower the shaft of steel gently to the ground.  Check. Or so I thought. Half way to the safety of a horizontal position the pole swerved, tried to take out the power lines (a frightful thought) and then crashed to the ground. Just as I am sure it had years before. This is where the bend had come from.
   So now on the ground it is time (lots of time) to grind, sand, straighten, paint (four coats to cover the rust stains) and install a new top and string new line. Sure, this task is quick to say or read but long to do. Then raise the pole again, this time with an extra hand from our neighbor (thanks Daniel!!).
   Quick and easy! Right?

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  1. no one said it would be easy to be landowners, but you´r doing a great job /love from sister-in-law