Monday, April 21, 2014

Remember the Birches

   I borrowed this photo from FilliQuist Studio since I posted it there first. The reason that I took the birch trees down when I did was to get the wood detached from the ground before it could absorb all of the sap that is pushed out of the roots back into the tree in spring. Avoiding all that sap greatly helps the wood dry by next winter.
   So this year I decided to extract some of the sap from the tree to make beer. The tree easily filled a 10 gallon (25 liter) jug in just under two days (to think the sap runs for 3-4 weeks!) out of a 1/2 (13mm) hole. After boiling and adding all the ingredients it was ready to bottle after 2 weeks. It has a light body and a 7% content. It just needs to sit for a few months and should be ready for midsummer.
You can see the recipe here. It is worth trying! We can't wait to give review's on this homemade brew!

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