Tuesday, April 8, 2014

More crummy weather and hiding inside

  I want to finish stacking wood and disassemble the deck that used to stand next to the pool but the weather just is not cooperating. I generally enjoy working in all types of weather to a certain extent but this..... this weather makes me hide. Seriously! It looks like bird feathers are falling out there!
   So I will hide inside and get the plans for the house drawn up on the computer. Since I don't want to clutter up the page with computer screen shots click to see them after the jump!
  After digging around on the net I found a free program called SweetHome3D. It is simple and intuitive to use and helps convey exactly what you are trying to do. There are advanced features as well but I am just trying to get walls moved, kitchens designed and plumbing outlined.

     Here is the current plan above and the actual picture below. I left the panel on the left to show some of the items that you can add and modify.

Not bad, right?! And the new plan is below:

Much work to do!! Just a few more tweeks on the upstairs portion and we should be ready to get an estimate and then move closer to a construction loan. For now though it has turned back to rain outside, wait snow, waaaiiit nope, now snow. 
            Crazy spring weather.

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  1. Nice, love to see it live. /Sisterinlaw