Saturday, June 21, 2014

Playhouse Down

    The typical Swedish country property has many buildings, large and small. Often the kids are blessed with their own playhouse but, after years of neglect, our playhouse had fallen to disrepair and was more of an eyesore than a useful play area. The only one enjoying the place was our cat Flea who used it as a hide out.

   It was with joy that I took a sledgehammer to it after removing the windows and the door. It proved to be a good workout for the upper body and the quads. Who needs crossfit when you have a farm to fix up!

   The wood was unfortunately rotten so instead of reusing it we had an awesome bonfire during a birthday party. There is nothing like a bunch of people enjoying a cozy little fire in the middle of the night (thanks for the picture Fredrik N).  Yes, I did say the middle of the night. It is never quite dark in Sweden during the summer.

   Skip will remove a few of the stones before we fill in the area with grass to expand our lawn into the area. It is going to look great!!

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  1. Happy that we could help getting rid of the playhouse. It was a fanstastic evening /love sister-in-law