Saturday, August 30, 2014

Our First Purchase: The Bathroom Sink

After looking high and low we have at found the sink for the main bathroom.

With limited funds yet a desire for a unique house we are definitely searching within as well as outside of Sweden and here is a picture of our prized sink from ebay, Italy.

Unfortunately, the sink showed up in 2 pieces.

Aldo Biggi whom we bought the sink from in Italy sent us a new sink immediately. It thankfully arrived in 1 piece.

I have asked Skip to make a bathroom cabinet out of reclaimed wood that looks similar to the cabinet below and I know it will go great together with our stone sink!

Best part-the cost for the sink, with insurance, shipping and handling from Italy, is the same as a white low end sink from Ikea! This time we are very happy we got the insurance.

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