Monday, March 17, 2014

Getting Started

  Bjorkliden is well insulated with trees. Many of the trees block not only any views but also much light. So we have carefully selected some trees for removal. Since we both enjoy trees and enjoy the protection they offer from the sun and wind, we limited our choices to removing trees that are sick and block the most sunlight on the house and in the yard.
   In the end three birch (bjork) are to be removed in front of the house and three birch and two aspen (asp) on the south side of the house. Above is the before picture for the front of the house after the jump is an after as well as the pictures from the south of the house.

   Now we have some firewood. But the best idea here is that since the birch and aspen are so straight we are going to have them cut into lumber so that I can use the wood for the fine carpentry in the house! Also we can worry less now the three sick trees that were closest to the house are removed.  The removal of the others now allow the sun to warm the house and garden starting in early spring and into late fall.

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